It is not only the Mother Earth who benefits from the permaculture-related activities.

You also can make a great use of them and apply the experience you are gaining into your everyday life. How can you put the participation in the Terra Integral workshops to the good use?
 – To build your own eco-friendly house or just the oven for a pizza baking.
 – To learn about the materials and find out about the techniques to have it built smart and alternatively.
 – To use the knowledge you get in the construction part of the humanitarian sector.
 – To make out of this time an inspiring activity for you and your children.
 – To learn about the permaculture and how to apply it in your surroundings.

We can come to you and make the tailored workshop anywhere you live.

Building a natural house for you, teaching techniques, supporting the construction site workers, supervision and organizing a course for people working on it are also possible. The project may last months, a couple of days or just a weekend – depending on a need or an idea. To host a workshop we ask for some requirements to be met (accommodation for participants, toilet facilities, running electricity and water, materials and tools)
We can also support you project with building expertise, help with review and design of the structure, listing materials and supplies, help with pre- and post- construction questions about the structure and maintenance of your building.