Terra Integral today is a couple of different but closely related, ongoing and future projects with the emphasis put on values and people behind them.

It´s a project born from both – love for NATURE and passion for PERMACULTURE. 

We do not put any line in between the construction, lifestyle or humans and the Earth – believing that these living spaces we create are not only matching to their surroundings but they are their surroundings literally rising up from the earth they belong to.

What we do?

Focusing on using local, natural, unprocessed materials we DESIGN and BUILD sustainable houses.During the meticulously ORGANIZED WORKSHOPS we try to engraft the love for eco-building, encourage and engage every participant and inspire you to build your own house. Apart from those above, we are in the stage of REDISCOVERING and LEARNING natural building techniques while striving to make the best of both living in the modern world. Observing the nature, using the knowledge of civil engineering and relating it to natural human being roots we can CREATE CONSTRUCTIONS MEETING EVERYONE’S NEEDS.

Feel free to join us!